Pardot provides us with some amazing tools, from Dynamic Lists, Custom Redirects, a great Email Builder, Landing Pages, the list is endless (and like a dynamic list is constantly updating)

With so many standout features, some of the simpler yet equally valuable features can sometimes fade into the background.

For me, one of the features that gets less limelight than it should, is Page Actions.

Page Actions provide us with a really simple way to prioritise our website pages and we can take a fresh look at our website, and score page visits by prospects according to the “importance” of that page within our site.

How it works:

To enable Page actions, we visit the Marketing Tab (where we as marketers spend most of our time in Pardot) and we navigate to the Automation Tab and select Page Actions,

From here we have to go through a few short steps, (always have your website open in another tab for easy copying and pasting)

We need to Name our Page Action: ie “Pricing Page” or in a lot of cases, “Contact us”, really what we are trying to do is to decide on what pages on our website we mark as high intent. Its worth sitting down with your team and having a chat about what areas of the website would be deemed as high priority, that way we can ensure that any prospect that visits this page gets a nice score boost, for instance if we were putting a page action on a “Clearance “ Page on a website, we could see high intent prospects who could be deemed as ready to purchase, getting their score boosted and perhaps qualifying as sales ready to be contacted by Sales.

From there we copy and paste the URL from the page into the page URL field,

We then set the score that we want to apply to the prospect score, default score is 1, I would say a score of 10 for a high intent page is a good benchmark.

It is also possible to assign a scoring category if applicable, as I said earlier we have so many great features within Pardot!

And then we can flag this page as a priority page, if we check this box, the visit will flag separately in the Prospect record, a nice option to have.

Next Step, Completion Actions:

Not only can we score visits to our most important pages, we can go one step further and create a completion action on that view also,

As per the below image we can add prospects to a list, Assign to a user, Create a Salesforce Task and more, all from a page view.

Once this is done, its as simple as saving your page action, and the scores and completion actions are applied to any prospects that visit the page from now on.

Pardot really works so hard to centralise and track all of your marketing efforts, your 3rd Party advertisements, your Social Media posts, and your website visitors, why not use Page Actions to reassess your website and make sure your most important pages are close to the front and that the people viewing them are being rewarded accordingly,.

Try it out today!

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