Asperato ONE, the managed package from Payonomy is a solution that can help Salesforce customers collect payments globally. It provides everything they need to enable their customers simple and reliable ways to pay them, regardless of their chosen channel – web, phone, invoice, chat or email. It enables global payment collection by Card, Direct Debit across UK, Europe, Nordics and Australia, ACH in North America or Digital Wallet.

Asperato ONE also enables Salesforce Users (sales, support or finance) to request, automate and monitor the status of payments with ease and reliability from the single view of Salesforce.

Asperato ONE was built as a managed package so that Salesforce Administrators can customise payment collection processes and integrations with confidence. Salesforce automation drives Asperato ONE so that your organisation can benefit from the full suite of features including Sites, Communities, Sales Cloud, Billing and more, as well as the vast array of 3rd party integrations such as Docusign, FinancialForce, Sage Business Cloud Financials, G Suite and many others.

Asperato ONE allows Global payment collections which are orchestrated and automated from Salesforce.