NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Improve Salesforce Navigation and Workflow with Quick Actions

Quick actions enable users to do more in Salesforce and in the Salesforce mobile app. Improve your users’ navigation and workflow by granting convenient access to information that is most important.

Step 1 – Open Object Manager for your chosen record and select ‘Buttons, Links and Actions’

Buttons, Links, Actions
Buttons, Links, and Actions

Step 2 – Create the new action

Create a new action
Create a new action

Select Action Type “Update Action” and choose your Name & Label

Choose name & label
Choose your name and label

Step 3 – Choose the fields to display on your action

Choose your fields
Choose fields

Step 4 – Display your Quick Action on the record page.

Go to the record details page and from the Setup cog select the edit page layout.

Display your quick action
Edit page

Step 5 – Then simply drag a related record component to your page and select your header lookup field to the related record.

In the update action section, choose your newly created action.

Header lookup
Header lookup

Hit ‘Save’ and your new action will be displayed on your details page.

We hope this helps!

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